Special statement: Our company does not have any branches, someone posing as my company salesman contact with outside recently, there may be risks. Business matters, please contact directly with this website published contact information, beware!!!

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About Us

General Manager:   AiHua Huang
Deputy General Manager:   WenPing qi,ShaoHua zhang
Production Manager  Shishuang Li,Laibin Huang
Quality Department  Manager  Qiang Liu
Sales Department Manager:   Xinlin Wu,Zhenghua Zhu,Jinwei Huang,Qin Yang
Foreign Trade Department:   Junjie Hu,Yaping Zhou,Tianyu LIchen,Huixiu Yu
Machining Project Manager:   Yuliang Tang
Technical Department Manager:   Qiang liu
Finance Department Manager:  Haifeng Qin
Purchasing Department Manager:   Yongjian Peng