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  • Commentator: victor
  • Commenting time:May 31,2016
  • Commentator's email address: victorc@semios.com
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Title:
  • Comment: We are looking for sectional poles up to 6 - 10 m heith, 10,000 units
  • Commentator: Armando Rodríguez Al
  • Commenting time:Aug 24,2012
  • Commentator's email address: armando150359@gmail.com
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Title: Sr
  • Comment: Estimados señores:
    Tenemos una linea propia de perfiles de aluminio para puertas y ventanas y queremos que su empresa haga la extrusión de los mismo, para lo cual e estamos solicitando nos cotice a como saldría el kilogramo por metro lineal, lacado en blanco 80 micras.
    Armando Rodríguez Alonso,
    Director Comercial
    Mexabados SA de CV
  • Commentator: Maurizio Dell'Arte
  • Commenting time:Aug 1,2011
  • Commentator's email address: dellartemaurizio@alice.it
  • Reply Status: Reply
  • Title:
  • Comment: Good morning.
    Can I have a quotation about this material:
    Industery Railway (Assembly line)Aluminium NO. 111
    At moment I need small quantity. 
    I want know wich dimentions are available, and wich tools for assembly together.
    Maurizio Dell'Arte.
  • Commentator: Anonymity
  • Commenting time:Oct 9,2010
  • Commentator's email address: huangaihua1973@163.com
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Title: tube
  • Comment: we need aluminum tube
  • Commentator: 2323
  • Commenting time:Sep 28,2010
  • Commentator's email address: 23@sfe.com
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Title: 2332
  • Comment: 232
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